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Art-In-Motion AutoFest

Superfly Presents - Art-In-Motion AutoFest 


Art-In-Motion AutoFest will be a 3-day event held at Dragway 42. 

(9161 Rainbow Hwy, West Salem, Ohio 44287)


Admission  (Per Person)

Show cars $30 - (Season Pass Admission $15)

Spectator $20 ($1 off every item on this list - Limit of $10)

Season Pass Admission - $10




JDM /KDM- Stock, Mild, and Wild

Domestic - Stock, Mild, and Wild

Euro - Stock, Mild, Wild

Truck/4x4 - Stock - 1st Place Only

Truck/4x4 - Mild - 1st Place Only

Truck/4x4 - Wild - 1st Place Only 




1st place all classes - Trophy + $100

2nd place all classes (excluding Truck/4x4) - Trophy + $75

3rd place all classes (excluding Truck/4x4) - Trophy + $60


What is Superfly Showdown?


The Superfly Showdown is an event where all car minded people join together to show off their work.  Unlike the weekly event, this event brings judges to evaluate your work and creativity as well as the passion that you put into your vehicle.


What is being judged?


  • Interior and exterior cleanliness

  • Modification type and craftsmanship

  • Big picture / overall appeal


Is there dust on the dash?  Is your windshield full of streaks?  How about the openings to your doors and truck? ow well, your modifications come together...  Are they just slapped on, or did you pay attention to detail, and engine bay.  Our judges have an eye for it all and will be going over each car to determine scores.


There will be 3 judges voting on each car.  This will allow an average score to be calculated for each entry.



TIP:  Be near your car at the time of judging so that you can open it up, talk about what you've done, and answer questions.  If you close your car up and walk away, the judges will be forced to judge it as it sits.  We will announce when judges are about to judge your class so that you may enjoy the event freely until it's your turn.




Originality (10%)

Points awarded for cars that demonstrate a theme or style.
Parts that appear "just on the car" will lower the car's score.
How well do the parts flow together? Are they more than just standard modifications?

Make your car seem 
more than just a modified car!

Maximum of 100 points possible.

Level of Modification (20%)

Points awarded for 
a higher level of modification.
Exterior, interior, engine modifications are all taken into account for the score. The more modifications, the higher the score.

Major exterior and engine upgrades will get the most points!

Maximum of 200 points possible.

Exterior Cleanliness (35%)

Points are awarded for overall exterior 
Clean paint, undamaged exterior panels will score highest.
All exterior blemishes will detract from the car's score.

The car must look clean from all angles! The Judges will see this!

Dirty cars will score the lowest. Remember this when you are preparing your car for the show.

Maximum of 350 points possible.

Interior Cleanliness (35%)

Points are awarded for overall interior cleanliness.
Carpet vacuumed, clean glass, clean seats.
Themed or styled interiors will score highest.
Cheap-looking modifications will detract from 
the score.
Quality of modifications is the name of the game!

Maximum of 350 points possible.

Extra Credit (+10%)

Extra credit points are available to all show cars. Scores here do not negatively affect overall scores.

Displays for cars with documentation are a big bonus!
Creative and 
Imaginative displays will be rewarded.
Was your car featured in a magazine? SHOW US!
Stand out from the rest of the cars - Be creative!

Maximum of 100 bonus points possible.


Classes are as follows:


JDM/KDM - Stock, Mild, Wild

European - Stock, Mild, Wild

Domestic - Stock, Mild, Wild

Best In Show 


Stock- No Modifications 

Mild- Minor modifications. General bolt-ons, wheels, exhaust, minor body styling, minor interior, steering wheel, audio, stress bars.

Wild- Major modifications. Motor swap, dash swap, 
supercharger, turbo, major body styling, major interior, major audio.




1st, 2nd, and 3rd on all classes excluding Best In Show, Judges Favorite, and People Choice's (there will be only one place for Best In Show, Judges Favorite, and People's Choice).


Other information


Please keep in mind our rules that we have held all season long.  We ask that everyone please be mindful and respectful to ALL staff and any law enforcement agency that may be assisting us with this event this year.   Remember!  ONE person can have devastating results in their actions.  So Please...  Show up, hang out and have a good time but most importantly, be respectful.  


Other Events


Plastidip Competition

Painters Tape Competition

Live DJ's

and more...







Event      Map























This year we are asking our attendees to assist in supporting two causes


1) Drive Out Hunger


(Click the photo below for a list of needed items)
















2) Support our educators


(Click here for a list of need items for our educators)















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August  31st, 2019

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For sponsor opportunities and vendor booths information please email us today

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