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Art-In-Motion AutoFest

Sponsor/Vendor Packages

We greatly appreciate your interest in becoming a sponsor of the Art-In-Motion AutoFest event.  Before you become a sponsor, please read the information below:

A sponsorship is a great way to get your name out there to a lot of people in and around your demographic.  One of the best things about Superfly's season opener event is you can count on thousands of people emerging and gathering in one location for a big ass car meet (I mean... 3 days of octane and boost overload). 


This years going to be different!  How so?

Well here is a list of events sure to being people.  (We call it our milkshake) Kelis Reference...

  • Cheap Lodging

  • Track Racing

  • Autocross

  • Swap Meet

  • A Dyno

  • Vendors

  • Live Bands during the day and DJ's by night

Its a little bit of something for everyone!  Think about your name on everything from banners and social media post to tee shirts and DJ shout outs.

Below are some pro tips we have found to improve and maximize your sponsorship:

  • Show up! - Not only do you to show up but you show up and be ready by the show time.  Imagine having your name in the headlines as the star of the evening and its a packed house.  But you are in a different city than the venue.  Ouch!   Your sponsorship has a limited impact on our audience.

  • Have a good idea and a game plan to get people to your booth!

  • Have swag or other items for people to rep/remember your business once the event is over.

  • Have an awesome setup.


The event will be on the weekend of May 8th - 10th.  

Please note that there will not be a rain date for this event and it will take place rain or shine.

Sponsorships and artwork must be received no later than April 15th.

  • TheFreshman - Vendor

    Valid for one week
    • 12 x 12 vendor location at the event.
    • 2 Staff Passes
    • No refunds - Event will be rain or shine.
  • Just The Tee Please

    Valid for one week
    • This sponsorship gets your name on our event tee shirt
    • Sponsor must supply artwork by deadline. 4/24/2020
    • Send artwork to
    • No refunds - Event will be rain or shine.
  • SwapMeet Booth

    Valid for one week
    • SwapMeet
    • May 9th Only
    • No refunds - Event will be rain or shine.

I authorize Superfly to post payment transactions generated from the Bill Pay service to the account indicated on the form being sent electronically. I understand that I am in full control of my account.

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